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Advocating for kids to get easy access to a public school education in Banyule

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Reopen our Schools is a not-for-profit community group designed to lobby the Victorian State Government and Opposition to re-open Bellfield, Haig Street and Banksia Secondary College School sites and retain them as public schools. 

Since our campaign began, we understand the difficulties associated with accessing public education in Banyule.  So now we've broadened our campaign objectives!  We will stand up for the community in Banyule and advocate for easy access and proper planning for public education our municipality.

Population levels are set to soar by 2031 and schools are at capacity now, with most schools in the southern end of the municipality having caps or zones approved by the DEECD.  There is only one public secondary college servicing the needs of the southern end of Banyule - Viewbank Secondary College.  It is zoned to take local kids within a 6km radius.  It is at capacity now!  So where are all these extra kids going to fit?  Most primary schools have class sizes larger than the OECD average of 21 kids.    Oh..... and not to mention the horrendous traffic and parking congestion issues around schools at drop off and pick up times!  Banyule is booming!

There is an urgent need for holistic planning to ensure easy access and quality public education outcomes are maintained for kids in Banyule.  Visit our Pollie Speak page to see what responses we have got from political candidates thus far who are standing in the State seat of Ivanhoe in the lead up to the 2014 Victorian State election.   Policy positions on public education, and more specifically, public education solutions for kids in Banyule will be published on this site.

Please come back and visit regularly for updates.  You'll also find us on Facebook and can follow us on twitter. 
We need more schools in Banyule!

We need more schools in Banyule!

Did you know that since the 1980's, a total of 11 public schools have been closed or merged?  That's a lot of public schools, and kids in Banyule have lost more than their fair share!

Schools in Banyule are full to overflowing!  Kids learn best in schools with small class sizes.  These decisions show what happens when there is a lack of planning and foresight to take into account how suburbs can rapidly change and grow.

Closed Schools

Here is a list of closed/merged schools in no particular order:

  • Heidelberg Girls' School;
  • Rosanna High School;
  • Bellfield Primary School;
  • Macleod Primary School;
  • Heidelberg Heights Primary School;
  • Haig Street Primary School;
  • Banksia Secondary College;
  • Banyule High School;
  • Heidelberg Tech;

NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into School Closures

Did you know that in NSW an Upper House inquiry into public school closures was conducted?  A sad indictment on how the process of public school closures was undertaken by the DET in NSW.  Click here to read the report. 

Do we need a similar inquiry here in Victoria?  We think so.....

Reopen Closed schools in Banyule.

Easy access to public education

Parents want public schools within walking distance from their homes - not a car ride across a busy municipality!

Our Children Our Schools
Reopen Our Schools is now part of a Victorian wide campaign alliance made up of 23 parent lead, grass roots campaigns.  Want to know more about our campaign partners?  Visit their website here!

International Research from the OECD

OECD Report - Education at a Glance 2014 - What are the social outcomes of education? Link is here

OECD - education at a Glance 2015 has been released.  Click here to review the report.

Here is a quote from the Secretary General Angel Guirria on launching the report:

"The lack of a quality education is the most powerful form of social exclusion."

IBAC inquiries
IBAC is still investigating corruption into the Victorian DET.  IBAC Ord will be wrapped up after another new inquiry into the troubled Ultranet project called IBAC Dunham.  You can follow these inquiries on twitter by searching for either #IBACOrd and/or #IBACDunham.  Alternatively visit IBAC's website.  Link is here.

Senate Select Committee into school funding
The Federal Government is holding a Senate inquiry into school funding.  Visit the home page if you want to make a submission.  Reopen Our Schools has also made a submission.  You can view our submission by clicking here, or by viewing it at the senate select committee home page.  Click here to go to that page.

Kids learn best with small class sizes.

Get involved in the campaign!

Getting access to public education in Banyule shouldn't be this hard.  State Governments need to be accountable for their education policies.  

Keep up the fight!

Sign our online petition to help reopen Banksia Secondary College, Haig Street and Bellfield Primary School here!  This petition has about 435 signatures and is still growing.  Help us to make it bigger!

What is the latest?

Don't forget to visit our Facebook page where we regularly publish the latest information on our campaign.  We have loads of neat pictures that also show you the study areas that the DET is considering, so make sure you visit our page frequently!

Community Reference Group - Banyule School Provision study
The Community Reference Group (CRG) for the Banyule Provision Study has been formed.  A meeting of the CRG is proposed to take place on or about 10 December 2015.  Exact timing is yet to be confirmed.  Make sure you visit our Facebook page for regular updates.

Stage 1 Final Report
Click here to see the final report for Stage 1 of the Banyule Provision study.  Welcome news!  We are moving to stage 2!

Stage 2 - Final Report
Click here to see the final Stage 2 report into the Banyule School Provision review conducted by the DET.

Education funding

Have you ever tried to make sense of education funding?  Watch our video - we think it helps explain things - just a little bit!