Reopen Our Schools

Advocating for kids to get easy access to a public school education in Banyule

Reopen Our Schools

  • Change.Org petition- Original online petition last year (2013) calling on the Liberal State Government not to sell the three closed school sites.  This petition is still open.  Even though the Government has sold the schools, you can still support the petition by signing.  Politicians get an email every time you do!

  • Building of community networks - Our network includes parents, educators, community groups and residents.  We are growing everyday - we'd love your support as well!  Visit our Facebook page and follow us on twitter!

  • Petition to Banyule City Council- Banyule City Council, at a cost of $26million to the rate payers of Banyule purchased the three closed schools sites from the Napthine State Government in September 2013.  Since then Council has demolished the three schools.  Consequently, Council plans to develop those sites for medium and high density housing.   Reopen Our Schools letter-boxed local residents calling on Council to halt the development of the school sites in the lead up to the State election.  Council has heard residents' concerns on this issue.  Council has agreed to mark time on two of the three school sites and are advocating to both State Government and the Opposition to address the educational needs of kids in the Municipality of Banyule.  If you want more information of Council's plans, click here.  Whilst we welcome Council's decision to mark time of two of the sites, Reopen Our Schools calls for the three schools to be reopened.  Demographic data in the local area supports the need for the return of the two primary schools and a secondary school.

  • Reopen Our Schools addresses Council - In March 2014, Reopen Our Schools addressed Banyule City Council tendering our petition.  In total, we have over 200 signatures on this issue from concerned local residents voicing their concerns about the loss of public schools in the area.  Reopen Our Schools will continue to advocate to ensure that kids in Banyule get easy access to public education.  If you want to view the item on the Council agenda papers and the resolution that was passed, you can view it here - 3 March 2014 meeting and here where additional signatures were tabled at the meeting on 17 March 2014 meeting.

  • What's happening next? - Reopen our schools will be requesting to meet with every candidate that stands for office in the 2014 Victorian State election in the State seat of Ivanhoe.  Views or policy platforms on public education and more specifically education solutions for Banyule schools will be published on this web site.  We'll keep you posted.
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The schools depicted in the slide presentation have now been demolished :(

Reopen our Schools thinks that all parents and students need to be asking this question in regard to public schools - closures, class sizes and funding.  Watch the video to find out!