Reopen Our Schools

Advocating for kids to get easy access to a public school education in Banyule


If you feel up to writing a letter on this issue, feel free to use some of our letters below.  You can change to suit, or simply adopt the draft letters in their template form.

Don't forget to add your contact details so you can get a reply.  Let us know if you are successful in receiving a reply or not.  We'd love to hear from you.

Fact Sheet - Facts about education provisioning in Banyule.  Feel free to use, or browse any of our campaign resources on this website.
Short sample letter to MP's- A short template letter that can be sent to MP's.
Long sample letter to MP's - A long template letter that can be sent to MP's
Sample letter to DEECD - A sample letter that can be sent to the DEECD
Contact details for politicians - Contact details for various politicians.  Here you will find contact details of State Upper and Lower House MPs, the Premier and Leader of the Opposition.

Resources (letter writing) pack - Information for School Councils and/or Principals.
Resources (data) pack -  Local population maps showing growth and projected population increases.